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Gutter Lining for Life

Using the thermoplastic, durable, hard-wearing and flexible Plygene Gutterline System
Engineered specifically for the harsh environment of the gutter, the Plygene Gutterline system is seamless and non-bonded in design to eliminate the problems of joint failure and membrane delamination caused by corrosion and building movement.

Designing out these historic points of failure extends the performance integrity of our system providing a permanent solution that is guaranteed to prevent leaks for good. Bespoke in design to match the profile of the existing gutter, Plygene Gutterline is suitable for any width, length, profile and substrate of gutter, including those with extreme dimensions to form a continuous seamless waterproof barrier.

Plygene Gutterline is the gutter refurbishment system of choice for specifiers and contractors. The gutter lining system has continuously evolved over 30 years with the support of industry experts, specifiers and contractors.

G.C. Roofing & Cladding has undertaken Gutterline work on warehouses, schools and factories in areas such as: Glasgow, Stirling, Dunfries, Livingston, Perth, Dundee and Aberdeen areas
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Main Roofing Supplier - Cladtekgo - Glasgow
Cladtekgo Scotland are our main suppliers for thr majority of our roofing products. Based in Glasgow, Cladtekgo manufacture steel cladding for roof & wall applications. They supply contractors and the public with all components required to complete a full build - Fixings, Flashings, Gutters, GRP Rooflights, Composite Panels & Fabrications.
Full Public Liability Insurance up to £10 Million
Full Employers Liability Insurance up to £10 Million
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